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Spanish Fork's Premiere In-home Preschool

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ABC's of Choosing A Preschool

Read Our ABC's of How to Choose a Preschool

Your Spanish Fork Preschool

Welcome to Whisper Creek Preschool.  We teach a balanced spectrum of early childhood education. We offer a two-day program for children ages 3 turning 4 and a three-day program for children ages 4 turning 5.

Our Tuesday-Thursday classes are 2 1/2 hours and our Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes are 3 hours!

Our ‘age-appropriate’ balanced curriculum includes reading, writing & math readiness skills as well as the arts, science and social studies exploration!

Our Approach

We incorporate music, the arts, sciences, social studies, language enrichment, storytelling, nursery rhymes, poetry, interpersonal & social development skills (kid character), and fine & gross motor skill development.

We incorporate field trips and invite visiting professionals to our preschool to enhance our Thematic and Academic Units. We have holiday & graduation programs. We offer this and so much more!

Does Whisper Creek Preschool Teach Reading?

Yes! We use “The Amazing Action Alphabet” by Esther Kehl in our Pre-Kindergarten program to teach our preschoolers how to read.  Miss Terri’s time teaching Kindergarten has given her more wonderful experience with the semantics of reading!

Children Learn Best In A Loving And Nurturing Environment

We believe a child learns best in a loving and nurturing environment. At Whisper Creek Preschool the children come to understand that “Preschool is a ‘happy, safe, fun learning place.’  We love, nurture and care for every child that we teach throughout the year.  This loving acceptance allows them the freedom to experience the wonder and awe of learning.

The ABC’s of Choosing A Preschool

Read the ABC’s of Choosing A Preschool to learn more about why it is SO IMPORTANT for parents to choose the right preschool. The right preschool will have age-appropriate curriculum designed specifically for your child’s needs in order for them to develop the fundamental skills necessary for entering elementary school.

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Adventure Time at Whisper Creek Preschool

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Halloween Program and Parade

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Santa came to Whisper Creek!

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Learning Fire Safety Fun with Fireman Kevin

From the Blog

Surprise Dental Hygienist

We had a surprise visit from Miss Olivia from adventure dental today! Learning about taking good care of our teeth!  Happy smiles!  

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